To consult with Dr.E.Sathiyamoorthy


Homoeopathy medicines are made up of dyanamic potendized molecules.Certain routine methods and habits in our daily life may hamper the action of medicines like food habits,timing of taking medicine,consuming some non homoeopathic herbal products some useful tips are given below to get the whole benefit of homoeo medicines which you consume.

1.Medicines whichever prescribed before food should be taken atleast ½ an hour before eating. If you forget to take before meal you can have ½ an hour post meal. Always longer the g ap is better the action.

2. Medicines whichever prescribed after food may be taken immediately after the food.

3. Medicines whichever prescribed for empty stomach should be taken morning as soon as after brushing even before coffee or tea.

4.Liquid medicines if any prescribed should be taken by mixing with water as per the instruction of doctor.

5.All the medicines (except liquids) should be consumed by chewing.please donot swallow any of homoeo medicines with water.

6.Incase of children parental guidance is must while consuming the medication. since the pills are sweet overconsumption might happen in children.

7.For children below 1 year medicines dissolved in water can be given in teaspoon measurement as per doctors advice.

8.keep the medicines always out of reach from children. and keep the medicines in dry place.replace the cap immediately after consumption will prevent the chances of evaporation .

10.If any doubt or unusual symptom appear stop the medicine and consult with doctor for further assistance.,tea,soups can be taken ½ an hour or minimum 15 mins after the medicines.

12.Handle the medicine properly and enjoy the maximum benefit of medicines.